RG Education Centers

RG Education Centers has been proudly providing quality tutorial classes since 1991.

Our students have performed extremely well in subjects from mathematics to music in the past 26 years. They have hit the top spot in piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Canadian Mathematics Competition Examinations conducted by the University of Waterloo.

Our Mission


The mission of RG Education Centers is “Giving the Gift of Education.” The purpose of education is the development of the human person through the acquisition of knowledge and skills. It is a lifelong process, and the RG Education Centers extends its services to persons, irrespective of age, race or creed.

Conscious of the nobility of its mission, the RG Education Centers seeks to operate in an environment that is truly caring with attention to the special needs of individuals. It pursues excellence in the employment of resources both human and material, in the delivery of its services.


La mission des centres d’éducation RG est de “donner le cadeau de l’éducation”. Le but de l’éducation est le développement de la personne humaine par l’acquisition de connaissances et de compétences. Il s’agit d’un processus qui dure toute la vie et les centres d’éducation RG étendent leurs services aux personnes, sans distinction d’âge, de race ou de croyance.

Conscients de la noblesse de sa mission, les Centres éducatifs RG cherchent à évoluer dans un environnement véritablement bienveillant et attentif aux besoins particuliers des individus. Elle vise l’excellence dans l’emploi des ressources tant humaines que matérielles, dans la prestation de ses services.

Customer Testimonials

Muskoka Dimensions

"We feel very fortunate to have found RG education centre. Our daughter has been attending for almost a year. After struggling with the transition and academic pressures of high school, we sought out help! Happy to say, both her confidence and enjoyment of learning has increased and this is directly reflected in her grades. I'm happy to report she has soared to the top of the class. The program was crafted and customized to her needs. The staff have been friendly and encouraging. Two thumbs up!."

Karshana Suthakaran

"Starting at the age of 6, I took piano lessons and other classes at RG Education for over 12 years. Their inclusive environment fostered my growth, and I gained a plethora of knowledge from their programs. The management and administration of RG Education is commendable, and even as I pursue my university studies, I continue to appreciate the support they provided in enhancing my knowledge and skills."

Nirav Kumar

"The tutors are very well-organized, and the classrooms are quite spacious and tidy. My scores and general capacity to improve my academic experience have increased dramatically throughout my four years of attendance. It is never an issue if you are unable to attend class since they are also very accommodating when it comes to switching classes or re-scheduling time with the designated tutor. The tutors here are all very knowledgeable in a range of subjects, and they are always willing to help students with any problems or inquiries they may have. Further, the tutors are well versed with the current Ontario elementary and secondary school curriculum. Overall, this is a fantastic location to receive further assistance with your subjects and to excel in your academic achievements and I would strongly recommend RG Education Center.."

Prashant Chaudhari

"Both my kids used RG Education tutoring throughout highschool for math and science courses. The tutors were in tune with the curriculum and were fantastic in their knowledge base. Every one of them was patient and would make sure my kids understood the course material and any material they they were having difficulty in class or on tests. I am sure that my kids grades are much better due to RG education tutoring.."

Tamana Moughal

"RG Education Center is the best place to sent your child for after school tutoring. the teachers are very friendly and professional. The cost is reasonable and you can always have make up classes if you missed any. The class rooms are spacious and very clean waiting area for the parents. Ever since my daughter start going to RG I noticed big change in her school grades.."


"Wonderful teachers helped me with high school physics and math. The teachers were aware of the high school syllabus and guides the students to success."


"It's a great place to improve child's educational skills and my both kids grades improved after going to RG Education. Teachers and the management very well organized. It's always been a pleasure sending my kids to study here. Very satisfied and will recommend many people."

Peter B

"My kids are there for almost 3 yrs and one of the best place. The teachers are superb and the syllabus are very well organised. I really see the change after my kids have started to go there. They are always available to talk whenever I wanted to talk regarding my kids progress or issues or concerns. Thanks."

Dong H Li Ng

"My son is taking private math lessons there, it's very useful ????Mr. R. G is always willing to help, with very good knowledge. Definitely a good place."

Tharu suganth

"It's great place to learn. I can see the improvement of my kids. Thank you."